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Sep 21, 2011 5:30pm PDT
before mahmoud ahmadinejad plans to appear before the world at the united nations general assembly in new york. bauer and fattal were released only after the payment of $1 million in bail. the international incident began which when bauer and fattal along with shroud, mistakenly crossed the border into iran, while hiking along the boarder in iraq. the three were charged with espionage, but shroud was released after 14 months in captivity and after the payment of half a million dollars in bail was made. she spoke with cbs news after her release. >> the most difficult thing i've ever had to do is leave prison without shane and josh. >> reporter: the families of the hikers issued a statement saying today was the best day of their lives. scott, it's not known how long those families will stay in oman but it's expected they'll be back in the united states in a matter of days. >> pelley: seth, thank you. today, the federal reserve took a look at the economy and decided to take another extraordinary step to try to jump start the recovery. the fed will shift some of its holdings to long-term u.s.
Sep 13, 2011 5:30pm PDT
further than that. >> reporter: iran's president ahmadinejad will address the united nations general assembly next week. this iranian journalist who was jailed in 2004 says the timing of this release announcement is hardly a coincidence. >> if he releases them, it shows the case was political from the beginning. it shows the judiciary has been under the influence of the iranian intelligence and the entire case was a game for the iranian intelligence. >> reporter: now, there's some speculation that ahmadinejad might even bring the two hikers with him to the united states as he comes to address the united nations. that's scheduled for some time next thursday. and, scott, it's worth noting that sarah shourd was released just one week before he addressed the general assembly last year. >> pelley: seth, thank you. there is new evidence today of just how deeply the economic slowdown has hurt americans. the census bureau reports that the recession drove nine million people into poverty and cut the standard of living for millions more. the number living below the poverty line-- that's about
Sep 22, 2011 4:00am PDT
president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, is set to speak to the united nations general assembly today. none of that matters to the families. it wasn't american soil. but it was the next best thing. as the families of shane bauer and josh fattal greeted them in oman. the first taste of freedom for the 29-year-olds after spending more than two years as prisoners in iran. >> we're so happy we are free. and so relieved we are free. >> reporter: the omani government flew them out of iran and reportedly paid their $1 million bail. for bauer, it meant a reunion with sarah shourd, his fiancee, who was with them when they were captured. but spent only half as much time behind bars. >> two years in prison is too long. and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in america and iran. >> reporter: the three were arrested in 2009, while they were hiking along iran's border with iraq. they never realized they crossed into iran. they were arrested for trespassing. then, bauer and fattal were arrested for spying. they were sentenced for eight years
Sep 21, 2011 12:00pm PDT
the united nations general assembly. bauer and fattal are expected to be flown on a private jet to the gulf state of oman. that's what happened when a third american hiker, sarah shourd, was set free last year. the three friends met at the university of california at berkeley. the men's family say they are super excited for the release but won't rest easily until the two are back on american soil. tina kraus, cbs news. >>> meanwhile, president obama spoke before the united nations expressing his opposition to the push for the palestinian statehood. mr. obama is trying to convince palestinian president mahmoud abbas to drop the recent push in the u.n. for an independent state. the president explained he would prefer direct negotiation to resolve the long-standing battle. >> there is no shortcut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades. peace is hard work. ultimately, it's the israelis and palestinians not us that must reach agreement on the issues. >> while world leaders met in new york, minor clashes erupted between israelis and palestinians in the west beige. the white house w
Sep 21, 2011 6:00pm PDT
as a humanitarian gesture. the timing of the men's release coincides with the united nation's general assembly meeting. ahmadinejad is speaking there tomorrow. bauer and fattal free on a million dollars bail, money paid by the omani government. >> we are so happy that we are free. our deepest gratitude goes towards his majesty of aman for attaining our release. we're sincerely government that the government of aman is hosting us and our families. >> two years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other prisoned people in iran. >> all three are free on bail. it's understood that they will not return to iran for any further court proceedings. president obama also expressed his happiness today in new york saying "we are thrilled" and i could not feel better for the families. >>> still no words yet just yet on when they will leave oman and head here. live in the newsroom, vick yee nguyen, nbc bay area news. >>> it wasn't long ago that these three were students hanging out in berkeley. that's where they met and that's where they that arrived. we bring in jodi hernandez. i c
Sep 21, 2011 8:00am PDT
speakers making a stand on the world stage this week at the 66th united nations general assembly taking place in new york. everything from the teetering global markets, the future of libya, famine in so somalia. all those things are on the table. after a year of seismic, big decisions, it's the power plays happening behind closed doors that are making a difference. president obama is meeting privately with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to talk about the road to peace. the potential for a palestinian state. the president's also going to meet with the palestinian leader, mahmoud abbas, separately, that's happening later today. abbas expected to demand statehood this friday in front of the general assembly. that would be a huge change to the face of the region. something neither united states or israel wants to see happen without having a hand in the negotiations. the president made his own address to the general assembly about that this morning. >> i know that many are frustrated by the lack of progress. i say sure you, so am i. but the question isn't the goal that we seek, th
Sep 21, 2011 11:00am EDT
to the general assembly. >> peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the united nations. if it were that easy, it would have been accomplished by now. ultimately it's the israelis and the palestinians who must live side by side. ultimately it is the realitilies and the palestinians not us who must reach agreement on issues who divide them. [ chanting ] >> thousands of palestinians poured into the streets in ramallah today to support state hood. the west bank city is the seat of the palestinian parliament. >>> this is a shocking scene, it's quite disturbing, orchestrated by mexican drug cartels. drivers left two trucks filled with bodies sitting in the mid of a highway in the tourist town of boca del rio. some of the 35 corporation corp on to the streets. investigators believe some of the dead were rival drug traffickers. >>> typhoon roke is blasting japan this week, with 100-mile-per-hour winds. 17 inches falling so far in some places. the storm is brushing past tokyo right now. it is pushing into the area address wrecked by the earthquake and tsunami last march. >> repo
Sep 21, 2011 2:05am PDT
nations general assembly in just a few hours from now. one of the main issues on hand today, the formation of a palestinian state. will the president blocked their bid for statehood? >> big story there. absolutely, we'll be covering that all morning. >>> and bull's eye, the archer aiming for a place in the guinness book of world records. while overcoming up believable odds along the way. if this man can do what he does, we should all be climbing mt. everest. >> it's trite, but where there's a will, there's a way. this guy is living proof. >>> before all of that, it is a day of mourning in afghanistan. a top leader is assassinated just steps before the u.s. embassy. >> deadly questions about whether afghan security forces are up for the task. more on the latest blow to the peace process from kabul. >> reporter: burhanuddin rabbani thought he was meeting a man with a message from taliban. while at home he thought he was meeting a man with a message directly from taliban leaders. the message was so important he was escorted in without security checks. he did deliver a message, just not the on
Sep 22, 2011 7:00am EDT
to the united nations general assembly later today. >> charlie d'agata in london, thank you. joining is shane bauer's brother-in-law, nate lindstrom. he joins us here this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know you had a chance to speak to your wife nicole via skype a bit ago. what is she saying about the reunion? >> she was still pretty much speechless. she was very, very excited. she looked very relieved. everybody is really happy to be together right now. >> i know, obviously, you're not in oman for the reunion. what was it like for you having been a part of this ordeal the last two years to see it unfold on television and to see those images? >> when i finally saw the plane land, that's when i knew it was over. it was a huge relief for me. >> this has been a painstaking two years for your entire family. beyond the relief of, obviously, bringing the boys home, what do you think this moment is going to be like for your family when everybody is able to come home and be together and finally put this whole ordeal behind them? >> boy, i don't know. it's something we have all l
Sep 14, 2011 7:00am EDT
is that as ahmadinejad comes to the united nations' general assembly next week or so, that he will have something positive to ride on. >> sources within iran's government tell nbc news the release is expected, still expected within the next coming days. the story is on the front page of the impending release of every newspaper in iran. and in some of the newspapers, the hikers are being called spies, and the question is being asked, why would iran release them now? matt, back to you. >> it's a tough story to follow. we thank you for your reporting on that and appreciate it very much. it's now six minutes after the hour. here's savannah. >>> now to politics and the renewed firestorm over a controversial vaccine. during monday's republican presidential debate, congresswoman michele bachmann took a political swipe at governor rick perry, over a controversial amendment that would have required teenaged girls to get the hpv vaccine. >> she needed to get attention for her candidacy, and she did. the question is, did michele bachmann take atough attack line against rick perry too far. the subject is tha
Sep 22, 2011 7:00am PDT
to coincide with his address to the united nations general assembly later today. chris? >> charlie dagata. >>> i know you had a chance to speak to your wife, nicole, just a short time ago. what did she say about the reunion? how are they doing? >> she was still pretty much speechless. very, very excited. she looked very relieved. everybody's really happy to be together right now. >> i know, obviously, you're not in oman for the reunion, but what was it like for you having been a part of this ordeal for the last two years to see it unfold in those images? >> when i saw the plane land, that's when i knew it was over. it was a huge, huge relief for me. >> this has been a painstaking two years for your entire family. beyond the relief of, obviously, bringing the boys home, what do you think this moment is going to be like for your family when everybody is able to come home and be together and finally put this whole ordeal behind them? >> well, i don't know, it's something we've all looked forward to and we're all ready to move on with our lives and i'm sure shane, sarah and josh are ready to
Sep 21, 2011 5:30pm PDT
to head off the palestinians' bid for recognition as a state by the united nations. he spoke to the u.n. general assembly for the third time since taking office. the president had made clear he would make middle east peace the focus of today's address. he set the stage by recounting what he called "a remarkable year," that saw the killing of osama bin laden, as well as arab spring uprisings that have brought down decades-old regimes dictators in libya, egypt and tunisia. >> something is happening in our world. the way things have been is not the way they will be. the humiliating grip of corruption and tyranny is being pried open. the promise written down on paper-- all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights-- is closer at hand. >> brown: the president then turned to the israeli- palestinian conflict, acknowledging that, for many in the audience at the u.n., it stands as a key test of those principles. but the president acknowledged, the israeli-palestinian conflict more than any other has put those principles to the test. >> one year ago, i stood at this podium and
Sep 20, 2011 7:00am PDT
's discussing the future of post moammar gadhafi libya during the meetings at the united nations general assembly in new york. gadhafi issued a radio message calling the rebel takeover aisha raid that will not last. also at the u.n. palestinian president mahmoud abbas is pressing ahead with his campaign to gain full u.n. status for the palestinians. >>> a new book is rocking the white house by painting an unflattering picture of the president's leadership during the economic crisis. white house leaders accused "df kens men" author ron suskind of misquoting them. earlier on "today" suskind defends the passage that anita dunn called the white house a "genuinely hostile workplace to women" a quote she has since challenged. >> all of them said everything, we have extensive notes and tapes for this book, and the fact is, with anita dunn, as with most of the other subjects, they were told what would be said next to them, what they said in the book. with anita "the washington post" this morning confirms the quote. i had to do something that i've never been before but i said it's a special occas
Sep 16, 2011 7:00am PDT
-one priority for president ahmadinejad is to have this release before he speaks before the united nations general assembly, stands on the world stage. and he is scheduled to arrive in new york on monday, savannah, so the clock is ticking. >> all right. ann curry on the story again in tehran. ann, thank you. >>> let's check on some of the other top stories of the morning. natalie morales is over at the news desk. good morning, natalie. >> good morning, carl and savannah. good morning, everyone. >>> television evangelist pat robertson is under fire for comments he made about alzheimer's disease on his "700 club program." he gave this response to a caller whose friend was dating other women while his wife was ill with alzheimer's. >> here's the loved one. this is the woman or man that you have loved for 20, 30, 40 years, and suddenly that person is gone. they're gone. they are gone. if you respect that vow, you say till death do us part, this is a kind of death. >> robertson went on to say he encourages the spouse to divorce before dating again. the alzheimer's foundation of america responde
Sep 13, 2011 10:00am PDT
? >> ahmadinejad is due to visit new york later this month for the general assembly of the united nations. >>> two special elections for the house of representatives. in new york city, voters are picking a replacement for anthony weiner, you'll recall he resigned in june add admitting sending lewd photos of himself to women on the internet. bob turner having an edge over democrat david we have fran. the republican victory would be seen as rebuke of president obama. in nevada the focus is on the second congressional district, voters are choosing someone to replace dean heller appointed to the senate in may. gop senator mark alma day is going up against kate marshall. >>> we are about to sho video, all. a car and motorcycle collided in logan, utah, burst into flames. good samaritans jumped into action. a group of construction workers and students and others joined together to lift up one side of the burning car then pulled the driver of the motorcycle straight out from under it. the 21-year-old motorcyclist is in stable condition after surgery. the driver of the car not seriously hurt. incredible st
Sep 21, 2011 4:30am PDT
for a potential showdown at the united nations today over the palestinian statehood. president obama addresses the general assembly in a few hours but he finds himself at the heart of the middle east conflict. palestinian upped the ante and the u.s. is caught in the middle. scott goldburg has more. >> the issue, the united nations hasn't been able to solve for decades is landing this week at the doorstep. >> palestinian president mahmoud abbas comes to new york ready to ask the national security council to recognize palestine as independent state. something that israel opposes and the united states threatened to veto, at the risk of doing damage to the image at the arab world. >> at the end of the day, peace has to be made between the parties. it can't be opposed from the outside. >> obama administration is hoping for a way around the showdown. and resumption of the peace talks as palestinians seeing as failing one time too many. >> we need to see something practical and genuine put on the table. to tell the palestinian people there is hope to establish independent sovereign state. >> away fro
FOX News
Sep 22, 2011 3:00am PDT
to throw some fuel into the fire here. for an already tense session at the united nations, the general assembly is trying to deal with the palestinian authority's intention of putting in a request for u.n. membership. that would essentially force the world to recognize palestinian statehood without any direct negotiations between the palestinian authority and israel and it's a very dangerous slope as far as president obama is concerned. he spent his time at the podium urging the palestinian authority not to do that. but at this point, there's no indication that they are not going to go forward. the u.s., of course, has that option of vetoing the request outright. it would put an end to it. there's concern that the u.s. does that, there could be a backlash of violence in the middle east so a very precarious situation today. and mahmoud ahmadinejad's arrival here at the u.n. to speak is not putting anyone at ease. that's the latest from here at the u.n. let's take it back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much for the live report from the east side of manhattan. >> now to the oth
Sep 21, 2011 7:00am PDT
home. >> charlie thanks. now, here's chris. >>> now to president obama's big day at the united nations. he's speaking to the general assembly in just a few moments and he's also meeting today with the palestinian president and israel's prime minister hoping to head off a confrontation over palestinian's bid to join the u.n. reporting this morning on the president's foreign policy mark phillips in ramallah and we start with senior white house correspondent bill plante who is traveling with the president this morning. bill, good morning. >> good morning to you, chris. the white house so far has been unable to dissway but it is a bit embarrassing of what he said in a vision that he laid out when he spoke here last year. >> when we gather back here next year, we could have an agreement that could lead to a new member of the united nations. an independent, sovereign state of palestinian living in peace with israel. >> reporter: but a year later living side-by-side in peace is still just a dream and the administration says that's not his fault. >> the point that the pre
Sep 21, 2011 6:00am PDT
at the united nations today over palestinian statehood. president obama is set to address the general assembly in the next hour. but he finds himself at heart of the conflict. they have upped the ante with israel and palestine and u.s. is caught in the middle. >> the issue that the united nations hasn't been able to solve for a decade land at its doorstep. mahmoud abbas comes to new york ready to ask the security council to recognize palestine as independent state, something israel opposes and the united states threatened to veto at the risk of doing serious damage to america's image in the arab world. >> at the end of the day, peace has to be made between parties, that can't be imposed from the outside, can't be accomplished through action of united nations. >> the obama administration is scrambling behind the scenes hoping for a way around a diplomatic showdown and resumption as peace talks as palestinians see failed one time too many. >> we also need to see something practical, something genuine. to tell the people there is hope to establish independent sovereign state. >> away from the u.n
Sep 23, 2011 1:00am EDT
as the basic demands of the nations that must be addressed by the general assembly. during the last session i emphasize the importance of this issue and called for the designation of this decade as the decade of shared and collective global management. and that all capacities and resources must be mobilized in a -- in that. i would like to reiterate my proposal. i'm sure that through international cooperation, efforts of committed to world leaders or governments and through the insistence on justice and the support of all other nations, we can expedite the building of a common bright future. this movement is certainly on the task of creation with the assurance of a promising future for humanity, a future that will be built when humanity initiates' to tread the path of the divine profits and under the leadership of iman al mahdi, the savior, to all divine messengers, are great profit. -- our great profit. creation of a supreme and ideal society with the arrival of a perfect human being who is a true lover of all human beings is the guarantee promise of allah. he will come with jesus christ to
Sep 24, 2011 3:00am PDT
formally admitting the world to accept palestine into its ranks. here's now senior united nations correspondent richard roth. >> reporter: like two heavyweight boxers, the palestinian and israeli leaders took their best shots at each other inside the general assembly hall. mahmoud abbas entered to thunderous ovation making his case for tatehood while brandishing his formal application to the security council. abbas denounced israeli occupation and settlement activity while asking the 193 countries for acceptance in their ranks. >> translator: i declare that the plo is ready to return immediately to the negotiating table on the basis of the adopted terms of reference based on international legitimacy and a complete cessation of settlement activity. >> reporter: netanyahu didn't fare as well on the applause meter. having served israel here as its ambassador, he made an impassioned plea for israel to defend itself. he said it was fine if the palestinians wanted a state but not created through the united nations. >> i cannot risk the future of the jewish state on wishful thinking. lea
Sep 26, 2011 12:00pm PDT
now at united nations, a security council is about to consider the palestinian's bid for state hood. as we've mentioned, this is clearly a huge deal. abbas made his push last week before the u.n. general assembly. here's the thing. the u.s. has already said it will veto the move. president obama says the next step forward cannot come through a solution at u.n. he says the answer is diplomacy, specifically renewed talks on the tough issues that still divide the palestinians and israelis. many palestinians acknowledge this whole bid is largely symbolic. president abbas is still making and receiving praise for it as well. he got a hero's welcome when he returned home to the west bank just yesterday. take a look at the crowd there waving the flags all in support of him and his move. we're going to keep watching this one for you and bring you any developments from the u.n. as soon as we get them. >>> then the one gop candidate for president takes the lead in a new straw poll. >> i feel great. i feel even greater because the voice of the people is bigger than the voice of the media. >> he
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)